Embarrassing Questions

I'm sure each of us has a huge list of unanswered questions. Here's a blog for archiving all such questions. It would potentially serve to get us and others some answers which have been eluding us for a long time. The answers can come in the form of comments. Please note that we should stick to questions we had honestly asked when we were in school, or pre-university college. We are strictly barred from trying to find answers to our research problems!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A very valid question

question was posted by pritesh, but went to drafts instead of posts.soi i reposted it...

Well, Archana posted a question in the comments section and since I'm a contributor to the Blog, I post it here and try to answer it, at the same time. My perspective, of course!!!! So, here's the questionIn India there are lots of languages,and that is quite obvious as it is a very big region.But can you imagine there is different language both in terms of accent and vocabulary at every 30 km.Why is it so? Does it indicate lack of communication or lack of sharing or mere stubbornness for not to adopt to the other villager's language ?Does it indicate higher pride attached to the features of small group of people in one village ?This situation existed in spite of the places are far near and accessible with the slowest means of communication such as bullock cart existed during old days.What could have been the reason? does it not indicate an unique psychological aspect of human nature?...i hope the question does not violate the original theme of the blog.Well, to begin with, I don't think anything violates this blog as far as it's offensive, which I don't think this question is. In fact, it's quite valid. There may be many answers to this question. My perspective is that this is promarily beceause of the inherent TOLERANCE factor of Indian mentality. And for and explanation of THAT, I have to go back in time.I attended a talk sometime back by a person titled: Why Science developed in Paris and US and not in Beijing and Patna?